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About Us

In April 2007, seventeen-year-old Dua Khalil was pulled into a crowd of young men—some of them family members. They proceeded to stone and beat her to death, a supposed “honour” killing for being in the company of a man of a different faith.

The police stood by and did nothing, and several members of the crowd filmed the incident with camera phones. You can find the video on both CNN’s website and YouTube (We have not linked to the video. A simple search will find it for you.).

One month later, popular writer and filmmaker Joss Whedon posted his complete despair and outrage on a fan-run news blog, Among his words was a call to action. This is how some of us responded.

The plan is to put together an anthology of “responses” to both Khalil’s death and the issues Joss Whedon raised in his original essay (culture of misogyny, violence against women, and the need for equality). It will be printed through, with all proceeds going to Equality Now.