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About Us

RHD/Boston, Resources For Human Development/Boston, serves adults with developmental disabilities in vocational and residential settings throughout the Greater Boston area. Our day services program utilizes art as a vehicle for personal expression and community participation with our clients. The residential programs are tailored to each resident's needs. RHD/Boston serves a wide range of individuals, some dually-diagnosed with medical and/or mental health issues.

RHD is a values-driven organization. It is the commitment to certain values which gives us our particular character, focus and energy. We recognize, however, that these values, no matter how worthy and well-intentioned, will not play a meaningful role in organizational life unless all employees strive continually to sustain and foster them.

Therefore, we do not merely encourage all members of the organization to support and promote the organizational values, we require that they do so. Although there are a number of values which are important to the organization, certain values have been particularly relevant to the life of the RHD community and collectively serve as its cornerstone:

?Respect for the dignity and worth of each individual ?Multi-perspective organizational process ?Empowerment of groups ?Decentralization of authority ?Safe and open environment ?Creativity ?Honesty and trust ?Diversity ?Organizational integrity ?On-going enhancement of organizational capacity ?Personal and professional enrichment ?Quality service

RHD's vitality and strength require that individuals and employees engage in an ongoing dialogue regarding these values at all levels of the organization. The value statement is a living document that is continually open to review and always subject to re-formulation.