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About Us

The Skills Outside School Foundation is an Education, Employability and Enterprise not-for-profit organisation registered in June 2014 with number IT70340 at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria.  Currently, SOSF is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.


The Aims & Objectives


  1. To promote life and employability skills training, career guidance, mentoring and development, educational support and building services for youth in secondary and tertiary institutions across Nigeria thereby building human capital in Nigeria;
  2. To promote and facilitate access to quality education at the tertiary level in Nigeria and overseas;
  3. To achieve transformational social change in the areas of education and employability in Nigeria;
  4. To support retention in secondary education primarily through the following avenues but not limited to provision of scholarships, learning support materials and access to education-enhancing skills, resources and knowledge;
  5. To contribute to the positive development of the education sector in Nigeria;
  6. To realize employment generation amongst the youth;
  7. To realize value re-orientation amongst the youth and other stakeholders;
  8. To liaise with and complement the effort of individuals, groups, agencies, organisations and institutions, both within and outside Nigeria in meeting the aforementioned objectives;
  9. To support and assist individuals, groups, organisations and institutions engaging in activities with similar aims and objectives;
  10. To nurture volunteers, stakeholders and partners to carry out the objectives of the organization thereby developing the nation’s future change makers;

Mission & Vision 

The Foundation envisions building human capital through the provision of accessible opportunities for career development, employability skills training and overall educational building support to disadvantaged Nigerian youth.