Get Organised for Change

About Us

The Get Organised for Change is a body of young people from individuals, institutions and organizations which are felt to directly affect young people. The GO for Change is designed to introduce young people to the process and functioning of a government, as well as increase youth participation in national and international policy making that will effect area youth.

Get Organised for Change were widely appointed in the era of youth unrest in the globe which is causing social and economic crises.

The Get Organised for Change makes changes by finding issues, discussing them, and then making recommendations to the relevant people.

Get Organised for Change Mission ...

To broaden the scope of youth leadership in Africa, through service and initiatives that are directed towards allowing youth input into policy issues, identifying youth issues, and participating in the development of positive solutions.

GO for Change Objectives...

  • Actively involve youth on policy issues affecting them
  • Broaden the scope of youth leadership in National, Regional and Global Government affairs
  • Develop healthy citizen habits for the future of the nations
  • Promote public awareness of the strengths and abilities of youth
  • Actively involve youth in planning, developing and implementing social, cultural and recreational activities that are drug, alcohol-free and violent free.

Youth Related Programs...

  • School Violence
  • Under-age drinking
  • Religious Tension
  • Peer Pressure
  • Peace Education
  • Getting Youths Involved in the Community
  • Entertainment spread-out more throughout the community
  • Entertainment/ Concerts
  • Unity among Youth
  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Apathy and Ignorance
  • Election involvement and for creating more youth-adult partnerships.

Our location is Abuja , Nigeria .We will work carrying out youth projects.

We are participant in implementing the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our intent is to educate and promote good leadership qualities among young people locally, national and globally.

The Get Organised for Change is aimed at creating good relationship and leadership qualities among young people.

This is our challenge to you. Join us. Be ambitious, dream big, and find the courage to act.