Volunteers Placement Community Development Africa (VPCDA)

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About Us

Volunteers Placement Community Development Africa is a Kenya based Organization that Specialize in offering support to local communities in Kenya. We do this by putting the international volunteers in direct touch with the local communities so that, they can share skills and action.


Benefiting local communities is our fundamental principle and we appreciate very much the diverse talent and skills each international volunteer is endowed with .We kindly request that, those volunteers who can offer such service to come to Kenya and make a difference in the lives of under privileged.

Therefore, give your time volunteering and experience the true essence of the Kenyan culture through living and working within the local communities. Do something helpful and supportive in Africa. I promise you that,   you will fall in love with the people, the communities, the wildlife and the intensely diverse African culture. So stop dreaming about it and embark on your search for a Splendid , memorable and affordable volunteer project today .Kindly apply for Volunteer opportunities at http://www.volunteers-placement.com or info@volunteers-placement.com and have the opportunity to participate in a range of projects including volunteering with -


  • Children care

  • Medical/Health

  • Teaching 

  • Farming

  • Feeding program

  • Building schools for local community (classes , toilets etc)

Through these programs, volunteers will have a chance to make a personal contribution and connection to the people of Kenya.


One woman who gave of herself said! "I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts; there can be no more hurt only more love".



(This trip is Optional and at a cost) - During weekends, we organize for our volunteers a visit to the beautiful Masai Mara Wildlife and Culture tour – 4 days tour …..  This is a concise safari experience that combines unique Masai cultural insights and game drives. As a way to support community conservation and encourage the locals to preserve their heritage, we go a little further the regular safari programs that visit one park after the other. On this tour we do a side-trip en-route to Masai Mara and get privileged insights into the Maasai people’s fascinating way of life. Then, proceed on to Maasai Mara for quality game viewing in the park as well as visit adjoining Siana community conservancy as part of the wildlife safari.