Miriam Network

  • NY


2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
New York
United States

About Us

A network of faith and community members dedicated to advocate and intercede for youth in the juvenile justice system. The Miriam Network is named for Miriam, who did not give up on her brother Moses when he was placed in the Nile. She advocated for him to be returned to the care of his mother after he was pulled out of the water.

Because the juvenile justice system disproportionately targets young people of color (more than 95% of children incarcerated from NYC)

Because we send hundreds of thousands of dollars out of our communities to pay for youth incarceration (over $200,000 in NY)

Because incarcerating youth makes them more likely to re-offend in the future (80% of youth incarcerated are re-arrested within 3 years of release in NY).

Because community-based alternatives to incarceration cost a fraction of the cost of incarceration - and are proven in reducing recidivism (documented recidivism rates of 8 to 36%).