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About Us

Founded in 2009 in the Polochic Valley - Guatemala, Li Chu'tam vision is to promote sustainable development through cutting-edge initiatives at community-level. The potential for economic development and prosperity for the inhabitants of this region is hampered by a poor level of infrastructure (barely hardened roads, lack of electricity and water grid), rising unemployment and very limited access to education.

We believe that education, information dissemination and access to technology are key to enhance livelihoods in rural areas. We strive to grant technology access to the community, especially children and teenagers, empowering their learning trough educational software and basic technical IT knowledge. Our focus lies on improving primary education and establishing an Information and Communication Hub in ‘Nueva Mercedes’ and ‘La Ceiba - total of 600 people - Q’eqchi speaking communities located in one of the most marginalized areas of the Polochic Valley,by itself one of the most disadvantaged areas of Guatemala.

Education is still a privilege only few can afford as most rural communities are affected by low income, high levels of poverty and low access to basic services.

Currently we implement four projects:

-Supporting teachers in the classroom at the primary school in Nueva Mercedes;

-Extracurricular Activities- computer classes, mind-training games and sports, crafts;

-Scholarship Program: monthly scholarships to students in Secondary School and High School 

-Family Projects: kitchen gardens, teaching planting/harvesting techniques, providing technical support.

The Association is not only a project executor but also a project facilitator, looking to attract other development agencies that can contribute to achieve sustainable development. In the midterm we plan to scale up the project, aiming to greater socio-economic impact at municipal level.

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