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About Us

Professor Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Global interest in the work of Professor Yunus peaked immediately. Communications from around the world inundated Professor Yunus's office. Governments, institutions, companies, foundations, media, and individuals sent requests to learn more about of Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank, and how to emulate the success of Grameen Bank. In January, 2008 Professor Yunus's book Creating a World Without Poverty Social Business and the Future of Capitalism was published. A new wave of interest began. This time it was around the concept of "social business". As an institutional response to this continuously growing combined interest in both social business and microcredit, Yunus Centre was designed and established in late 2008. The Yunus Centre aims to disseminate and exchange information regarding Professor Yunus' philosophy and programs at the national and international level. The Yunus Centre has been registered as a trust and is dedicated to promoting Professor Muhammad Yunus' vision of a poverty free world. This includes promoting microcredit, the creation of social business and making the world move consistently to bring an end to poverty forever. Engaging youth is one of its core responsibilities. The activities of the Yunus Centre will include research programs, organising the youth around the world to create a better and sustainable world, introduce the concept of social business in the academic institutions, encouraging the media and the policy-makers to come out of the old mindsets and adopt new concepts and institutions, bringing the business community to explore the excitement of social businesses by designing and implementing social business, encouraging creation of social business funds to finance social businesses, organising international summits of social business, presenting social business experiences in international conferences of political and business leaders, creating social business websites, face books, twitters, etc. The Yunus Centre welcomes new ideas. The Centre welcomes volunteers and interns to work in its Dhaka office or work from wherever individuals are located, to achieve the mission of the Centre.