Peckham Shed



United Kingdom

About Us

Peckham Shed was originally established by Chicken Shed Theatre Company and has operated as an independent charity since September 2005. Following Chicken Shed’s working method, we lead inclusive performance activity with young people aged 7 – 17 years old who live in and around Peckham. We do not offer traditional drama training, but encourage individual creative expression within a supportive and respectful group. We explore performance through varied creative art forms (Drama, music, dance, visual arts) and encourage young people to make their own artistic choices. We also encourage young people to participate in the arts as audience members and regularly take our groups to see performances in order to strengthen their theatrical and cultural language. Our work is open to everyone, and our members are reflective of the diverse nature of South East London. We frequently work with young people and children who need extra support with their creativity, our committed team of volunteers ensures that each participant receives the help they need in order to move towards creative freedom.