School of Public Policy - Georgia Institute of Technology

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About Us

We house one of the world's top programs in the field of science and technology (S&T) policy. We are a university partner in the European Union's network of excellence in technology and innovation policy ("PRIME"), and we host a major international conference on S&T policy that brings participants from every continent. Because nearly every policy area is intertwined with S&T issues -- the environment, communications, transportation, biotechnology and health, urban development, workforce and education, -- the School is at the center of a wide range of important international, national, and state policy questions.

Our faculty members are research oriented, with over $10 million in research underway. Our degrees are analytically oriented, developing skills increasingly in demand in the policy world as data and powerful software becomes more readily available and policy challenges grow more complex. Because our degree programs are smaller than most, there are opportunities at all levels for students to become involved in research, from the fast growing numbers of undergraduate students helping on faculty research projects to the opportunities many of our PhD students have to publish scholarly papers.

Our School emphasizes professional level analysis of the ethical and philosophical dimensions of policy. Our philosophers help you consider not just how things have been and how they are, but how they ought to be. We are unusual among policy schools in having an active research program at the intersection of philosophy, ethics and policy.

In our School, you will be taught by award winning teachers. You can experience policy development in projects, studios and internships that use our location in the vibrant, state capital - Atlanta - as a source of real world policy problems and contacts. You will find opportunities for international engagement, with research conducted jointly partners around the world, internationally oriented faculty and students, and opportunities for international exchange in our graduate programs. We offer a unique and forward-looking environment. We hope you will join us.