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About Us

The Center for Neural Science is the focus for teaching and research in the brain sciences at the Washington Square Campus of New York University. Formed in 1987, the Center has been a department of the Faculty of Arts and Science since 1994.

The research interests of the faculty span a broad range of topics in neural science, including mechanisms of perception, cognition, and action. Techniques in use in our laboratories include molecular and cell biology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, brain imaging, and human and animal behavior. Empirical work at every level of investigation benefits from fruitful interaction with a unique and distinguished group of theorists both within the Center and in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The Center also benefits from the outstanding academic environment at the Washington Square Campus, including major research programs the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Psychology. Beyond Washington Square, the Center enjoys a close cooperative relationship with the Neuroscience Institute and with other researchers in the basic and clinical neurosciences at the NYU School of Medicine.