Pippi House Foundation for Girls

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About Us

Pippi House Foundation is the only safe house for girls in Arusha, Tanzania. We take in girls between the ages of 13 and 24 who have suffered from homelessness, neglect, unpaid labor, unconsensual marriage and ceremonies, unwanted pregnancy, trafficking, and sexual violence. We provide education, and encourage their individual development psychologically, physically, and socially. We believe with support each of our girls can lead happy, healthy lives.Pippi aspires to disprove local beliefs that some girls are beyond help.

At Pippi House, we believe that poverty and violence work in cycles, spreading from one generation to the next. If a girl does not have access to education, she will be at high risk of both poverty and violence throughout her life, and her children will be less likely to be educated, and will also be at high risk for poverty, homelessness, and violence throughout their lives. But, if that girl gets educated, she will have many more opportunities for a healthy and successful life, and she will teach and empower the next generation.

Pippi House is supported entirely by individual donations, sponsorship, and fundraising. Every contribution goes directly to the day to day needs of our girls. Our small staff is entirely volunteer, including tutors from abroad, and led by social workers with years of experience counseling survivors and vulnerable youth. Founded in 2011, as of the beginning of 2014 we have 20 girls and 5 babies staying with us. 6 girls have already graduated our program as well.

In addition to a formal education, we teach vocational and practical skills, opening up more employment opportunities. We also emphasize confidence and decision making life skills, including an understanding of HIV/AIDS transmission and safety. This holistic approach aims to create further safeguards and help them escape the cycle of poverty.

Our Objectives:

1.To reduce the number of girls living on the streets in Arusha region

3. To fulfill the human right of education for the girls at Pippi House and those from high risk families, enableing them to become healthy, successful, and independent members of our community.

4. To provide education about health matters such as safe sex, the impact of HIV/AIDs and to reduce the incidence of transmission for both our girls and others.

5. To use a participatory and innovative approach to build capacity in the local communities, promoting understanding of the issues that hinder girls development and ways to enact positive change

Contact us for volunteer opportunities! volunteerpippifoundation@gmail.com


Donate using Western Union, or make a bank transfer to: EXIM BANK (TANZANIA)LIMITED A/C. NO, 0111012685 Exim Bank swift : EXTNTZTZ