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The Specific purposes for which Multi-Language Kids is organized include, but are not limited to:

1- Programs and support on language development for economically disadvantaged English Language Learner families. 2- Consultative services to parents and educators in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs). 3- Guidance to educators and parents in the implementation of research based practices for English Language Learner children 4- Culturally and linguistically sensitive services for linguistically diverse children so that their first language is maintained and English as a second language acquisition is as uneventful as possible 5- Technical assistance and professional development training to schools and other educational entities and one-on-one training for educators, seeking to improve their English Language Learner student’s academic achievement.


Provide Educational and Societal Benefit for families and educators of children who are English as a Second Language Learners.

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“Generations of immigrants have come to America seeking a better way of life for their families. They came here because they believe in freedom. We have an obligation to honor the values of our immigrants -hardwork and enterprise, faith and family-by giving every child the opportunity to fulfill his or her ambitions and to live the American dream. There is no more certain path to realizing this goal than through education."

Roderick Paige, Secretary of Education (2001-2005)