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About Us

Literacy in Motion (LIM) is an organization that will provide greater access to reading material for the families it serves.It is a truth of urban resource allocation that the existence of resources does not guarantee access to these resources. Public libraries have a longstanding tradition of serving the community. However, young children, by their nature, are dependent on their parents for access to public resources. Many working parents’ working hours overlap with the service operations of the libraries. Therefore, the children of these working parents are deprived access to this wonderful resource. In order to improve youth literacy rates, age-appropriate reading materials need to be more accessible. LIM seeks to increase the impact of existing resources, rather than create new ones.

Through targeted book distribution in public and private spaces, LIM will mitigate the significant challenge facing low-income families in their effort to create literacy-rich homes. By partnering with public and private literacy organizations such area libraries, LIM will provide convenient access to reading materials free of charge. Literacy in Motion will additionally offer guidance and support to families on ways to further the acquisition of literacy in their homes.