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About Us

ROICH is a 501 (c) 3 organization based in Tampa and Roanoke Virginia since 2004, which provide culturally sensitive technical assistance and support services including teaching English as a second language, translation and relocation support, entrepreneurship and business development, providing health resources and referral, advocacy, and cross-cultural counseling to citizens residing in Florida and Virginia and the surrounding areas; however the majority of its consumers are of refugees and immigrants).

Since 2004, ROICH has developed the reputation in the communities as a valued public service conduit by providing myriad of resources to immigrants who live in the City of Tampa and Roanoke, many of whom may be at or below the average income level for the region. A large part of ROICH's success is derived from the organization's ability to be cultural bridge for both the groups and the City

Who We Are:

ROICH dedicated to provide education, information and social assistance to the Haitian communities with the goal of empowering any individual in their quest toward integration and self-sufficiency within the community. In keeping with this purpose, ROICH will through the development and expansion of services to improving the lives of children and supporting families throughout our community in the United State and Haiti.

How We Make A Difference: As the only Haitian-centered organization of its kind in Florida that working and knows the problem first hands and that are working with the community to help Haitian children and families achieve their dreams, we make a difference by:

Promoting Healthy Community: Every year, we help hundred of Haitian with immigration paperwork, driver license, appointments, translations

Improving School Readiness: We help ensure that young people who come to America at a school age have access to the care and developmental support they need so they can enter colleges and university in the Tampa bay area ready to learn.

Advancing Education Achievement: We give adult, young man and woman the support they need–from after-school care to quality social services–so they can learn to their fullest potential.

Helping Families Succeed: Our Family Support and Resource Centers help families become self-sufficient through a variety of free services, from computer classes to professional development workshops.