Middletown Downtown Business District

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About Us

Downtown will be the heart of Middletown. It will represent the focal point of community activity. The downtown will evolve as a thriving and economically viable area while always remembering and building upon its rich history.

The downtown will be unique in that there will be a distinct mix of retail, service, governmental, residential, social service, entertainment and cultural activities. With this mixture, the downtown will prosper. Merchants and restaurateurs will target the downtown market both in terms of products offered and hours of operation. They will emphasize customer service and knowledge of the customer and the products offered. Government will strive to keep the downtown safe, active, clean and attractive. Downtown neighborhoods will be a top priority. Monies and programs will target these neighborhoods to initiate their revitalization while at the time preserving their historic integrity, character and scale. The arts and entertainment sectors will thrive. They will represent a truly unique element in the downtown and will attract thousands of spectators and shoppers. Wesleyan will play an integral role in the downtown. The downtown will become an active and thriving college town.

Our role is to bring the benefits of management to a diverse group of individual property owners, using our resources to be strategic about downtown’s future. Our guiding words should be commerce, culture and community. We should always be looking beyond mere maintenance, instead looking for ways to catalyze long-term growth and change in the district. In other words, our job is to make downtown a more interesting place for visiting, living and doing business.