Spring Hill Horse Rescue

  • VT


175 Middle Road
United States

About Us

Founded in 2000, Spring Hill Horse Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 1,000 horses in just 14 years. We specialize in safely re-feeding emaciated equines and in hoof rehabilitation. Our goal is to find "forever homes" for all animals in our care, though when we believe it is in the best interest of the animal, they will live out their lives at our 15 acre farm in Clarendon, VT.

We work to help prevent cruelty to horses throughout the state through our community response teams. Our volunteers assist horse owners in the field by providing education in proper horse care, providing resources such as hay, blankets and gelding, access to low cost veterinary and farrier care, and assistance in re-homing horses. The primary goal of our response teams is to help people raise the standard of living of their and intervene in marginal situations before they deteriorate to cases of abuse and neglect.

In addition, we provide support to law enforcement in cases of animal cruelty. We respond to emergency requests for animal placement, support law enforcement in serving search warrants in animal cruelty cases, and take in and care for horses and other animals that are voluntarily surrendered or seized in cruelty cases. We provide veterinary care, re-feeding programs, rehabilitation, and housing. The state does not provide funding for the case of animals seized by law enforcement, so our rescues provides for costs of their care and rehabilitation.

As founding members of Vermont Equine Welfare Coalition (VEWC), Spring Hill is a member of Vermont Humane Federation and the Vermont Animal Cruelty Response Coalition. We process all Hay Bank applications received by VEWC; and our volunteers perform the site visits required to qualify for this assistance program.