The Boiler Room

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711 Water Street
PO Box 1659
Port Townsend
United States

About Us

The Boiler Room is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Port Townsend, Washington. Our purpose in the community is encapsulated in our mission statement: "The Boiler Room is a volunteer-operated coffeehouse and social services hub dedicated to building community by providing a safe space for the growth and improvement of individuals."

The Boiler Room plays a substantial role in integrating youth and young adults into Port Townsend's larger community. We provide access to resources, education, activities, socialization and expression for individuals who may feel more comfortable outside conventional social structures. The Boiler Room provides a safe space for people to create workshops and groups, covering subjects such as poetry, writing, art appreciation, LGBTQ topics, and more. The Boiler Room welcomes and offers assistance to any individual in need, regardless of lifestyle choices, race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin. Through the Jefferson County Judicial System and the Port Townsend School District, The Boiler Room is an approved site for individuals and students to perform community service hours, supervised by our General Manager.