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Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
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About The Rainbow Project (TRP)

Firstly, the rainbow is a beautiful image just after the rains. We then interpret it as a sign of hope after hard and tough times of each member of our community. Be it Hiv/Aids, poverty, abuse or any other….there is hope.

Secondly, the area where the organization is located, the community itself is just like a rainbow. There are South Africans with their rainbow tribes and the rest of other African countries with their different cultures and backgrounds. Yeoville is a true rainbow neighborhood.

Lastly, the organization aims at empowering, developing and providing for the community at large. It is looking at the elderly, the women and children, people with disabilities and the youths. Everybody from our community who is in need of help is sure to find a helping hand from The Rainbow Project.

Apart from unity and tolerance that the community members have for each other, we are faced by seriously heartbreaking social ills. Starring at our faces on day to day basis is crime, poverty, drugs, Hiv/Aids, abuse to women and children, high refugee numbers, unemployment, high numbers of orphans resulting in even a higher number of street kids, etc. In our situation the survival of the fittest really exists, so what about the weakest? That is the reason why The Rainbow Project is in existence.

We are a non-profit organization that is community based with initiatives that aim to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development of the community. There is quite a lot that lacks in our community, it was only proper to put up high headed and community passionate officials to head each of the programs:

1.The welfare and care of the elderly (AboGogo) - identifies the elderly people within the community, monitors and take care of their living conditions, from house chores to clinic trips. Some are put on food parcel list, according to their different situations.

2. Empowerment of women (Sakha abafazi) – African women are known to be good with their hands, over the centuries the have been feeding their families by selling their hand crafts. The skills are becoming so scarcely found with even fewer people who know them+

, we then re-introduce the skills and bring the passion back. Arts and crafts training lessons are offered to women (and any interested person) to help them earn a living through this medium.

3. Empowerment of the youths (Hip’n Happening) - Every day, a young person gets involved or initiated into taking part in drugs, crime or unprotected sexual activities. Skills, talents and dreams suddenly vanish; we then get a criminal, Hiv/Aids infection, drug dealer /addict, etc. We need them off the streets, get them busy and occupied. Let them shine in what they are good at, be it academic, performed arts, creative arts, talents and other. It’s a tough war against the notorious hand of the street. We shall win it no matter what.

4. Early childhood development (Ndilikamva) - So when the women are busy at the craft centre, who looks after their kids? Yes Ndilikamva is a drop in day care that the organization provides. Not every parent can afford crèche or day care fees, we then cannot deprive the child crucial development because of the size of the parent’s pocket. Not only are they looked after, they get developed on education, general social skills and good nutrition provided.

5. Empowerment of people with disabilities (Everybody is different) - Traffic light corners have become they second homes, they beg in the scorching sun, in the coldest rain because if they don’t they wont eat for that day. It’s a shame that needs to continue no more. The organization offers them with necessary skills and empowerment.

6. Empowerment and support for people living with HIV/Aids (Oomanqoba) - This is very sensitive. Almost everyone is either infected or affected by this life sucking monster. Looking away is no solution we shall fight to the last tooth. Premature deaths due to improper intake of medication and poor nutrition, orphans and child headed families, higher numbers of new diagnosis, etc they all shall be a thing of the past. The community really needs wide shoulders and upright standing pillar of strength. Holding hands we can beat it. Omanqoba!

7. Distribution of food parcels and other resources (Qedindlala) - Not every community member is fit enough to attend or partake in the skills trainings and workshops. The food parcel program deals with such members after having their situations screened.

8. Literacy and Computer Program (Imfundo ayigugelwa) - Africans left the caves centuries ago but unfortunately some of her people are still living in caves of one sort or the other. There are people who have never set their fingers on a computer keyboard. Literacy is a foundational necessity for all human beings and a key to reducing poverty. The Rainbow Project aims at totally eliminating that within our community. Community members shall get literacy advantage of their choice.

9. Organize and conduct Awareness Campaigns (Ayihlome ihlasele) -Until even the deaf ear hears us, we shall be louder than the roar of the hungriest lion. More education, more information and more knowledge to the community about issues that affect us.

About The Rainbow Project (TRP)

Firstly, the rainbow is a beautiful image just after the rains. We then interpret it as a sign of hope after hard and tough times of each member of our community. Be it Hiv/Aids, poverty, abuse or any other….there is hope…

Issue Areas Include

  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Women


  • 32 POPE STREET, Johannesburg, GP 2098, South Africa

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