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About Us

We Foster academic and career success for students within the for-profit industry. Profit-You, works alongside students through personal mentorship and workshops to assure that long-term goals are achieved in a financially sustainable manner.


The for-profit education system, comprised of institutions like the Art Institute, University of Phoenix, and DeVry, has grown tremendously in recent years. Fueled by high tuition costs in the US higher education system, federally backed students loans and underserved populations, for-profits can provide much needed services. XXXX hopes to reshape this industry from within, by working with their students. Students should receive a quality education without hurting their financial well-being.

To achieve success we address three prominent issues within the for-profit industry:

  • High dropout rates
  • High student debt
  • Hard-skill attainment

Our model:

To address the startling success rates in for-profit education, three components are offered. Each student receives financial literacy training, a person mentor to assure persistence in academic pursuits and hard skill attainment for career success.

  1. Higher education is expensive in the US, but every person still has the opportunity. Financial literacy will ensure that students are aware of the long-term impact of their loans, and how to best manage their student debt. Also, financial alternatives to student debt are discussed.
  2. More important than finances, long-term goals allow aspirations need to be decided. Personal mentorship involves meeting regularly with an experienced peer or career professional to discuss where you are headed and what you want to keep learning. Our mentorship is short-term to achieve specific goals.
  3. To ensure that you can meet your long-term goals, hard skills are needed today. Each mentor will provide activities to obtain hard-skills before leaving college. Internships to gain experience are especially encouraged.