Urban Grace-The Downtown Church

  • WA


902 Market Street
United States

About Us

Urban Grace is an ecumenical church congregation that is multicultural, diverse and welcoming to all; we welcome full participation of people regardless of denominational background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. We hope to be the open table that Jesus set for all God’s children and offer a nurturing fellowship where it’s safe to wrestle and explore as well as acknowledge the simultaneous joy and pain, blessing and loss of this life. We’re grateful to lean into the truth that we can be “perfectly imperfect” and still be loved, chosen and accepted.

Mission Statement:

To DEVELOP and BE a church in downtown Tacoma that serves the city and its people by proclaiming the Good News of God's love, grace, and justice revealed in Jesus Christ.

We do this through:

Relationships: Building and nurturing relationships with one another, the larger community, those we serve and God

Worship & Spiritual Practices: Connecting with the transcendent and God's spirit through corporate practices

Reflection & Dialogue: Providing space for people to learn about and grow in faith

Training and Development: Providing opportunity and expertise for the common good of the city and the church universal

Service and Advocacy: Responding to the needs of the poor, oppressed, and marginalized in our community