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About Us

Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) produces a half-hour daily national and international news program. It is aired on non-commercial radio stations in North America, Southeast Asia and Australia. The program is distributed by Pacifica Radio Network to its affiliate stations, and is also directly distributed by FSRN. FSRN is also podcast and available to listeners on our web page at

FSRN is a unique. Other news organizations are closing their international news bureaus and, sadly, listeners across the US know less than ever about international events. FSRN fills this critical need with grassroots reporters from communities around the globe, telling the stories rarely covered by other news media to radio audiences across the US. FSRN's freelance reporters live in the places they report from, know the language, history and culture, and bring alternative perspectives to the complexity of national and international events in our interconnected world. We emphasize direct participants and first person narratives, rather than desk editors with rewritten wire copy, press releases and "official" government statements. After six years of broadcasting in the highly competitive radio market, our affiliate station program directors and hundreds of thousands of listeners have come to trust the accuracy and reliability of our daily national and world news broadcast. ------------------------------- Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship (PRAC), a 501 C3 tax-exempt, not for profit corporation, produces Free Speech Radio News produces FSRN.