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About Us

Rise Together

A Bay Area Movement for Equity & Shared Prosperity

We are uniting the region to advance a Bay Area where all individuals and families can access opportunities for self-sufficiency and where the rules of the game give everyone a chance to thrive. When everyone in our region can equitably participate in the economy and in our communities, we all win.

Who is Rise Together?

We are a regional coalition of over 200 organizations across 9 Bay Area counties working to strengthen our ability to create results in employment, education, housing and basic needs. We believe we are stronger together and we can take action together for bigger change.

Rise Together is guided by a 20-member Steering Council representing business, philanthropy, non-profit, government and social service sectors. Rise Together is driven by our “Power of 9 Committee”, made up of 5 representatives from each of the 9 Bay Area counties who help develop and implement our core strategies and priorities. Members represent government, nonprofits, collective impact initiatives, social services and community.

What does Rise Together do?

Rise Together helps inform, connect and align organizations working on the key

drivers of poverty, including education, employment, housing and basic needs

across our 9 counties to create a more powerful regional voice for change. We focus on building capacity to put in place strategies that will lift up 5 critical populations that are systemically and disproportionately locked out of economic security:  seniors, single female heads of household, families with young children, boys and men of color and immigrants.

We are creating a powerful movement through:

•Leadership Development & Coalition Building

•Data for Informed Decision Making

•Strategic Communications for New Narratives

•Aligned Policy Advocacy

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