Thelma Gibson Health Initiative

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3634 Grand Avenue
Coconut Grove
United States

About Us

The Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, Inc. is a not for profit organization. Our mission is "Building Healthy Minds and Bodies" through providing quality social services to underserved groups in Coconut Grove, South Miami, and adjourning Coral Gables.

The Thelma Gibson Health Initiative (TGHI) addresses the health care disparities and educational challenges that undermine the quality of life in underserved communities. We link community residents with appropriate health care and benefits through advocacy and bridge the gap in health education by using interns and other resources to save community dollars.

At TGHI, there are three main program areas:

  • Youth and Family Services
  • Senior Services
  • Health, Homelessness, and Substance Abuse.

All programs at TGHI have the following components:

  • Outreach to the community through street work, home visits, and interaction with community groups and churches
  • Counseling for individuals, groups, and families provided by TGHI staff and interns
  • Case Management assessments, advocacy, procurement of benefits and services, information and referrals
  • Collaboration with other social service programs, local churches, and organizations

We offer support services that assist our clients in recognizing their strengths, empowering them to successfully live, learn, raise children, and become more productive members of their community.