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About Us is a non-profit, online community whose mission is to bring together infrastructure experts, industry leaders, government officials and most especially interested citizens, to participate in vigorous conversation and to spur action.

InfrastructureUSA has recruited leading think tanks and policy organizations to provide a regular stream of cutting-edge thinking, on INFRA VIEWS. Contributors include: Regional Plan Association/America 2050, AASHTO, PolicyLink and American Society of Civil Engineers.

National figures have participated in online conversations at THE INFRA BLOG including Marc Morial of the National Urban League, former Rep. James Oberstar, former PA Gov. Ed Rendell, Adolfo Carrión, Jr., Damon Silvers of the AFL-CIO, John Horsley of AASHTO, Polly Trottenberg of the DOT, RPA President Bob Yaro and former MTA chief Lee Sander.

Users are taking advantage of the opportunity to document the state of their local U.S. infrastructure by uploading media at SHOW US YOUR INFRA. Others are participating in poll questions, at INFRA POLLS.

InfrastructureUSA is a project of the non-profit Open Space Institute, Inc., as part of its Citizen Action Program.