Act Up-Paris (En)


BP 287
Paris Cedex 11


About Us

For us, fighting AIDS is like fighting a war. Our friends are dying all around us. We do not want to die too. In every war, there are those who collaborate with the enemy. AIDS too has its collaborators: those who see the epidemic as an opportunity to make money; those who do nothing to fight it; those who use it as a pretext to encourage discrimination and hate. We have been fighting them since 1989. Our roots are in the lesbian and gay community but our aim is to defend equitably all groups affected by AIDS.Winning the fight against AIDS is not the responsibility of medicine alone: it mainly depends on the commitment of all those who are in charge of public health policies, in France and the rest of the world. For Act Up-Paris, fighting AIDS also means fighting all kinds of discriminations, putting pressure on the government and raising public awareness at the same time. That is why Act Up-Paris is an activist group, a lobby and a militant group.