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About Us


Virginia Mentoring Partnership provides training and technical assistance to mentors and mentoring programs to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring for Virginia's youth.


Every child who needs a mentor has a mentor.

Virginia Mentoring Partnership (VMP) is an independent, 501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1993 to provide training and program assistance to mentors and mentoring programs around Virginia.

Since 1993, VMP has prepared more than 29,000 volunteers for their roles as mentors and tutors, and has provided services to more than 800 organizations in every region in the Commonwealth.

VMP provides training for thousands of mentor/tutor volunteers annually to promoting the high quality mentoring relationships that research shows yields positive effects on youth.

Additionally, VMP has provided program support to school districts and individual schools that house school-based mentoring/tutoring programs. We estimate that these efforts have benefited more than 35,000 youth since its inception.

Virginia Mentoring Partnership’s primary services include:

Training VMP provides various introductory and enhancement trainings for mentors, mentees, and program managers.

Technical Assistance VMP provides consultation on the research-based Elements of Effective Practice for designing, managing, operating and evaluating an effective mentoring program.

Public Awareness VMP raises public awareness for mentoring by maintaining a network of more than 1,000 mentoring program providers and mentors, acting as a partner in the National Mentoring Month media campaign, and promoting mentoring through Public Service Announcements

Clearinghouse & Referrals VMP acts as a clearinghouse for incoming calls from individuals interested in becoming a mentor, individuals interested in finding a mentor for a child and groups interested in collaborating with existing mentoring programs.

Convening the Mentoring Community VMP galvanizes the mentoring community through an annual awards event to celebrate mentoring; offering educational workshops at our statewide conference, and hosting Regional Training Institutes for program operators in Virginia.