Feed The Mass

  • Oregon


34 Northwest 8th Avenue
United States

About Us

Feed the Mass began with a dream, a dream to improve health by holistic and practical means. What do we mean by that? Not everyone has access to the best medical care or dieticians for preventative care. Heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, obesity, and hypertension are all prominent health challenges in Western civilization today. Most of these conditions and illnesses can either be prevented or have their symptoms significantly reduced through proper dieting. Feed the Mass, as a not-for-profit business, desires to build the Oregon community around food empowerment for every individual.

Our aspiration is to empower every individual with the expertise in finding affordable produce, maximizing yield with healthy food products, and skillful application in the kitchen. It is essential for us to move away from processed foods and to reintroduce fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins; we implement the techniques to do so through our cooking courses. 

Food empowerment is not only a liberty but a lifestyle change everyone should experience. Every person has the right to be healthy. Together as a community, we can all strive to equip families and individuals with a balanced nutrition plan to prevent sickness and enable health.