Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc.

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About Us

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., [FLCI] provides services to our Latino communities based on their self-identified needs to enhance their leadership skills and develop self-advocacy. Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., is distinguished, outstanding and nationally recognized for its leadership commitment to human development and community service in the Latino community. Serving our Latino community is what validates Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., existence. We thrive to ensure that our constituents are satisfied, accomplished and successful in living and leading healthy extraordinary lives.

MISSION: Providing Latino Community Leadership Development and Economic Independence.

VISION: Empowered. Accomplished. Latinos.

GOAL: A Thriving Latino Community

A cause that inspires Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., the most is equality and justice; it is being able to serve as a conduit for our Latino communities:

  • to help them get out of poverty
  • to be in good health
  • to live in a safe environment
  • to have a better education
  • to improve not just our Latino men and women's lives but their children's lives and their grandchildren's lives

The way Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. engages these individuals is by uniting through culture where it is appreciated and understood, through language because it is an immediate connect to our spirit and our means, through our communities although dispersed and extended we are always flexible to return to our roots.

We accomplish this through our strengths and commitments to strive in our own leadership with which we lead ourselves, our lives, our families and our communities. There's no one leader but many leading the way to a better future within the Principles of Unity; justice, equality, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control and yes, it might not be the way that others might lead their way but it is the best way we know how without losing our own Latino identity.

For so long we've tried to do this the other peoples way, but there's something within us, a deeply rooted cry that connects us to our culture, an established bond of trust that leads the way…JTorres