A Child For All Inc.

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About Us

ACFA's mission is to bring hope to Mali's Vulnerable Children by securing for them a brighter future through the delivery of our programs: nutritious food, health care, safe shelter and education.  Our program is holistic: we take children from the streets where they are exposed to drugs and prostitution, give them a home and an education and prepare them to become citizen who will contribute to the socio-economic development of their country.  We provide a home for the children with a mother and father figure. We provide them healthcare services, and feed them.  They attend school and take extra curricular classes such as English, French and Math.  They also take sport classes, such as Taekwondo and basketball.  Additionally, children of age 12 and older also take vocational training such wood working, tailoring, motorbike repair cooking, etc...  We grow crop at our farm to feed the children.