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About Us

Our Mission

To conserve biodiversity, ecosystem services, and local cultural identities through participatory solutions that protect and promote the wise use of natural resources, support socioeconomic development of communities, and enable effective adaptation to climate change.

At the People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF), we promote the protection and wise use of natural resources and the sound social and economic development of rural communities, both considering the risk brought forth by climate change.

A non-profit organization, we work with rural people in developing countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and most recently, the Philippines. We focus on communities where people live near protected areas, remnant forests, and degraded lands. Our goal is helping local people to be involved in natural resource management and to address important biodiversity conservation needs, including the need to prepare and adapt to the impact of climate change. We implement biodiversity conservation programs that target particular species and habitats, conservation management programs that promote community involvement, and cultural programs that target revitalization of weaving arts through ancestral knowledge.

PRCF stakeholders realize that local communities are integral to the success of nature conservation and community development programs. Therefore we advocate community participation and environmental conservation in its natural resource management program. Activities that change the cultural identity or social structure of local populations or negatively affect the natural environment are rejected and discouraged.