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About Us

The Mission of IT Computer Wiz Kids is to give youth the confidence to pursue careers in  Information Technology (IT) and the computer industry in a fun, exciting, learning environment and to foster job and career preparation that will prepare them for lifeIT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. was formed for the advancement of youth and young adults in (IT) and computer learning for education and charitable purposes. 

Our program is designed to prepare young people to work in their areas of interest and to pursue careers in the computer technology field by developing skills that build their self-confidence. IT Computer Wiz Kids has proven to be a program of cognitive techniques for assessing and maintaining young people’s self-esteem while improving their future prospects for employment.

The synergy created between the young participants, members of the instruction team and mentor-ship program alike fosters self-empowerment as well as the development of technical clarity.  The cutting-edge educational skills attained by student participants will provide them with a bridge from being an at-risk youth to becoming a successful, productive and self-sufficient adult.IT Computer Wiz Kids is a non-profit organization headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide a fun, exciting environment that will empower communities through education, growth and development needed for existing and future employment in the computer industry. The Wiz Kids' model combines the fundamentals of computer technology with academic and mentoring goals to improve results and maximize achievement.