Partners for Active Living

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226 S. Spring Street
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About Us

Partners for Active Living transforms Spartanburg County, South Carolina into a vibrant, healthy, connected community where we live and grow. The history of the organization dates to 1996 when a study commissioned by local leaders called Healthy Spartanburg found cardiovascular disease and obesity to be among the greatest health risks facing Spartanburg. Partners for Active Living, which was originally called Heartwise, was created to help address the problem. In 2003, the organization changed its name and shifted its focus to address the root causes of cardiovascular disease: physical inactivity and poor nutrition.

Partners for Active Living frames our work in a three pronged message, which all point to healthy eating and active living: childhood obesity prevention, trail development, walking and bicycling for everyone.

Within each of our three focus areas, we address the four ‘Ps’:

·Places to be healthy and active

·Programs that encourage activity

·Policies that sustain our work over the long term

·Partnerships that build a strong network of support for a healthy community