Cameroon Partnership In Development

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About Us

Cameroon Partnership in Development (CPID) is a Cameroon registered non-profit organization committed to achieving sustainable development, reducing the cycle of extreme poverty, while addressing development issues affecting the most vulnerable groups of people from economic opportunities.

We accomplish our mission through harnessing international volunteering service , combined with a Cultural Immersion to fight extreme poverty through a holistic sustainable development in health education, education ,clean water and sanitation, improved agriculture, energy, economic opportunities and reforestation , whilealso providing students and volunteers from abroad an understanding of development issues in Cameroon

The Students International Development Engagement (SIDE) program, offer International students from abroad a hands-on six (6) week program during summer holidays to undertake a multi-disciplinary international development experience to deepen their understanding of development issues affecting remote poor rural villages and underserved groups of people. International student volunteers work on small scalable poverty combating sustainable social and community development projects alongside local people addressing issues -Gender, Human Rights, Health, Food and Nutrition, Conservation, Education and Economic Opportunities.

Our International Development Engagement Model Ensures that the unique students who take the time to travel long distances to remote parts of Cameroon to develop a better future, feel that at the end of their service, they have also accomplished a lasting experience and also broaden their knowledge of International Development as well as socio-economic issues in a different setting from where they come from and are used to


Global Health Initiative

Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

Community Development and Social Work Initiative