Jarvie Commonweal Service

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New York
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About Us

The Jarvie Commonweal Service®serves and advocates for older people in the Greater New York City area. We provide direct social services and grants to older individuals of the Protestant faith, make grants to organizations serving older adults of all faiths, and create innovative educational programming designed to disseminate the latest thinking in delivering services to older people.

A service provider and grant maker since 1925,Jarvie takes pride in our long history of helping older people to "live, not merely exist."Jarvie®combines an enduring commitmentto its founding values with a state-of-the-art approach to meeting the needs of older adults in the greater New York City area.

Inspired by our original charter, we maintain an abiding respect for each individual we serve and bring integrity and compassion to all that we do. At the same time, we employ the best of contemporary social work practice and gerontological research. Jarvie staff continuously seeks new ideas that can improve the way we and others meet the day-to-day and long-term needs of older adults.