Fahamu - Networks for Social Justice

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About Us

Fahamu (www.fahamu.org) is a pan-African organisation that  strengthens and nurtures movements working for social justice, creating change based on a people-centred, progressive agenda, realised through collaboration with the civil society, activists and social movements across Africa. We seek to increase meaningful participatory democracy and  strengthen social justice movements’ abilities to become more effective, self-sustaining and self-determining organisations and networks.

Fahamu strengthens and nurtures the movement for social justice in Africa by:

  • generating knowledge to serve activism, bridging the gap between theory and practice – Tuliwaza
  • creating learning for, by and across movements – Adilisha
  • amplifying Africa-centred voices, perspectives and solutions in policy and decision-making at all levels – Utetezi
  • creating platforms for analysis and debate – Pambazuka

One of Fahamu’s core activities is the publication of Pambazuka News (www.pambazuka.org) - the only pan-African alternative online news site and newsletter providing cutting edge commentary and independent in-depth analysis on the struggle for freedom and social justice in the global South.