Eur-Am Center




About Us

The European-American Center for International Education (The Eur-Am Center), a non-profit organization established in 2001, owns and operates the historic Abbey of Pontlevoy in France’s Loire Valley. The Eur-Am Center aims to develop, organize, and implement international education and cultural programming. These programs are destined to create bonds specifically favoring culture, economic development, and commercial progress while furthering innovative artistic development by providing aid to artists. The project is exemplary in its vision to arrive at a harmonious balance among conservation, renovation, and the resulting regeneration of a significant historical monument now given new life. The renaissance of the Abbey serves as a catalyst for positive growth, inspiring educational, cultural, social, and industrial ventures both within the walls of the Abbey and in the European community itself. It has become a site where tradition and progress intertwine to promote awareness of the ‘living heritage’ shared by all who gather within the Abbey’s domain while nurturing endeavors of the highest and noblest order from its solid historical foundations.