CRY-LORNA Programme


Morogoro Rd/Mazengo Str.
Tanzania Legion House
Dar es Salaam


About Us

CRY-LORNA is a formal NGO in Tanzania, registered by the office of Director of NGOs (REGISTRAR OF NGOs) at the office of Vice President's Office on 18/07/2006 with a registration number 00NGO/1560. We operate Tanzania Mainland. CRY-LORNA are initials of:

"Children Relief Yearly - Lets Open Rooms for the Needy to Advance"

It is a society of eleven members.

Our main objective is to help: Vulnerable and Orphaned Children to be raised in a family set up as much as possible. And our first step is to facilitate the identification of problems and challenges faced by Vulnerable and Orphaned Children and suggest a way forward in getting them raised in a family set up.