Nepali Host Family

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About Us

Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit volunteer Organization from Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a community organization run by Nepalese social workers. With our mission to help the community and the people in need, we carry out our activities by recruiting volunteers. We provide short term and long term volunteer opportunities in Nepal from One week to Five months period. Any Individual, group or family can join our volunteer programs in Nepal. There is no specific experience required.

Nepali Host Family provides affordable volunteer programs abroad in Nepal. Cultural exchange, Nepali language course, Nepali cooking course is also a part of our program.

You will be able to take part in one or more of the following volunteering and Internships opportunities in Nepal according to your interest.

Internships or Volunteering in schools, teaching English, teaching Sports, teaching Music, Volunteering in orphanages, Volunteering with children, Volunteering in rehabilitation homes, Child care, Disable care, Volunteering in old age homes, Volunteering in hospitals, Medicine and Health care, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Women Empowerment project, Photojournalism program and Social work, in Nepal.

With our years of experience in volunteering work projects, the volunteer program we provide is reliable and meaningful.

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