About Us

OUR VISION: To create an enabling environment in which young people (The youth) would maximize their potential as well as play a more pivotal role in their personal growth and societal development

MISSION STATEMENT: To encourage and facilitate collaboration among young people to identify their own problem and needs and support them to develop their abilities, skills and talent to themselves, their families and the communities in which they live.

To promote the development of competence, connection, character and confidence among the youth people. › To train and equip the youth with programmes that will build them to become responsible citizens in society. › Initiate programmes that would enhance the community leadership and problem solving skills of the youth to heighten their senses of civic responsibility.


• To initiate institutional capacity building to effectively and efficiently co-ordinate YEI’s Programmes and actives. Individual networking and co-ordination with other stakeholders. • To promote among the youth ethos of honest hard work and productivity positively utilizing an individuals talents and abilities creatively. • To carry out advocacy and awareness campaigns geared towards providing adequate information on HIV/AIDS through peer counseling and education in aspects such as abstinence , use of condoms and STI’S. • To advocate for and mobilize resources to support and YEI Programmes and activities. • To offer through projects activities , a functional model of self- help approaches to community based integrated resource management. • Garbage collection(waste disposal) • Community cleaniness activities.

To initiate income-generating activities that enable youth to access cash for capital investment subsistence.

To strength community mobilization strategies and introduce youth friendly activities aimed at fostering positive behavioral change and d development of positive life skills.

To create and institution community development through strategies effective leadership and increased community participation kin decision making as means of enhancing harmonious living in a multi-ethnic society.

To promote youth understanding and appreciation of gender and development issues in the society.

To create a forum where young people can discuss and share information pertaining their plight in general.

To advocate for youth inclusion in decision making organs and recognition as important stakeholders in development process