AFT Washington, AFL-CIO

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625 Andover Park West
Suite 111
United States

About Us

AFT Washington is a state federation affiliated with the 1.6 million American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO. We represent about 6,500 members including faculty from community and technical colleges and pre-K through 12 classified employees. We also jointly represent professors at Eastern, Central, and Western Washington universities and The Evergreen College with the Washington Education Association.

Our Mission

The mission of AFT Washington is to voice the ideals of our locals and members for workplace fairness and social justice while strengthening and focusing their collective power to attain those ideals.

Our Vision

The vision of AFT Washington is a just society with access for all to unions, education, health care, and social programs that provide equal opportunity. To that end, we will encourage and provide resources for potential members to become members, members to become activists, and activists to become leaders, growing the union, its scope, and its depth, so that our members see the power of the union, are drawn to it, and realize that the power comes from them, their commitment and involvement.

Our Values

AFT Washington values transformational unionism that includes: 

  • Strength through solidarity
  • Unity among diverse members
  • Action toward our goals
  • Democracy in our locals
  • Quality programs for students
  • Fairness for members