Centre for Research, Empowerment and Development

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P.o box 2087,OAU Ile/Ife Nigeria
P.O BOX 2067

About Us

In line with our mission statement the centre offers the following services

Provide technical assistance and support to Federal, State and Local Governments, in programme conceptualization, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Work with International Donor Agencies, Government agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations who have interest in Nigeria

Design and conduct scientific and action oriented research using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to strengthen the data base for planning, monitoring and evaluation of programmes.

Design and implement community development projects

We organize and coordinate: conferences, workshops and Trainings.

We collaborate with international Researchers who have interest to work in Nigeria on any aspect of our thematic Areas

• Our Thematic Areas and Activities

•Climate change and Environmental Sustainability

•Rehabilitation and counselling

•Governance and Democracy

•Gender issues

•Poverty reduction and youth empowerment.

•Sustainable development


•Rehabilitation and counselling

And lots more !!!