Angel Investors Club Ghana

About Us

AICGH known as “Angel Investors Club Ghana” is a club in Ghana whose life is on the internet and main purpose is to invest into Ideas (Business Start-ups) through a television reality program (show) called “MEET THE ANGELS” The motor of the AICGH is “Investing in Ghana, Enriching our Future.”

AICGH is a club promoting;

1. Networking of Individuals in Ghana and abroad 2. Investing into start-ups 3. Festival Events

AICGH is a respected and connected club that promotes people with great plans and Ideas in Ghana by investing into them.

The Club also promotes leadership and entrepreneurship in Ghana by planning and implementing festival events.

AICGH works through a social network portal on the internet , where people can join in to become members of the club, meet other members, connect and make new friends, chat, join in discussions, manage their finances, shop online, participate in events etc. But most importantly invest into Start-ups (Ideas).


As AICGH seek to offer individuals in Ghana and abroad an environment where they can connect and make new friends, Chat, join in discussions, participate in events, invest into start-ups etc.

AICGH aims;

1. To meet individuals Ideas and to make them a reality 2. To create a cordial relationship between individuals 3. To help bring up entrepreneurs, leaders and great investors 4. To help contribute positively and socially to the society 5. To help unlock individuals thinking potentials. 6. To organize festival events


Angel Investors Club Ghana promotes

1. Solidarity of leaders of organizations and movements primarily working with AICGH through developing and cultivating;

• an environment of investing into start-ups(Ideas) • a genuine and a deep friendship with each other • a physical and emotional support base. • an ongoing leadership and entrepreneurship training .

2. Formation of future leaders and entrepreneurs through;

• Periodic activities, such as seminars and round table conference on regional bases. • an internet based network and formation programs • humanitarian projects which focuses on the promotion of human dignity and humanitarian development.


Angel Investors Club Ghana is a club which brings individuals in Ghana and abroad together to invest into business start-ups (Ideas) and raising them as leaders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Through nurturing strong solidarity in relationship which will embrace dynamic creativity and leadership, its vision will go beyond a single club, its mission is to help people who have great Ideas and make them a reality.