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About BUCALPO Uganda  
  The Children Advocacy and Life planning Organization was started as an initiative to empower children and youth and women in this village who have been traumatized by the lack of enough education. Children in this area normally end up their education in secondary school which is grade 8-12 is a non-qualifying position or grad for any Job in the country. They end of going under marriage because they have land to cultivate food for their sustainability of their own families.   Our Area of Focus

Children, Young people, youth and women are all being victims of being uneducated.  

Our program includes creating opportunities that benefits all beneficiaries in their own categories.

The projects and programs that can develop minds of young people in this area so they can settle and do their best with a dream for their future education and a brighter future. We shall always focus on children who at school, girl child education, youth and children school dropouts, youth who are still in school by protecting them and keeping them focused on their education and getting involved within their decision making about their career.   PREAMBLE:

Bucalpo is a community based organization which is registered and recognized by the Uganda government. It is situated in Kabira village, Ntenjeru sub county, Mukono District in central  Uganda.


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in the our communities by providing them with a better formal and informal education and giving the early childhood skill development programs to help them build strong minds, and making them a safe place to be active in order to become responsible citizens in their future


It was established purposely to;

  • Provide a roof over the heads of the less advantaged children especially orphans and vulnerable children (O.V.Cs)
  • Help to provide possible basic necessities of life including food, shelter plus scholastic materials to those needy children who cannot have a chance to access them.
  • Provide basic pre-primary  and primary  education to our target group, O.V.Cs and even those children whose parents can afford paying school dues but  can`t walk the long distances to reach good school
  • Provide life skills to the community children so as to equip and empower them to cope up with the world dynamics.
  • Provide guidance and counseling services
  • Conduct open talk discussions so as to create health awareness among the youth and all community members (HIV/AIDS awareness)
  • Improve sanitation through community outreach trips.
  • To reduce school dropout rates and ensure continuity of children with their studies

 In order to implement  its set aims and objectives, Bucalpo as an organization deemed it necessary  to establish Destiny school project as the only possible avenue through which Bucalpo children could be helped to acquire life skills, knowledge, love and affection, required basic education and lead better lives having had Bucalpo as their  “protective wall” and  “a guardian angel”.

Though without permanent structures at the moment, Bucalpo and its Destiny school project are situated on a private piece of milo land, spacious enough to accommodate its desired activities This also evidences its highest chance and possibility to develop and expand.

However, as you very well know that “One will never walk alone” and considering Bucalpo motto that “Many hands, one heart for a Brighter future”, We do believe that Bucalpo and Destiny school project’s growth and development will largely depend on the good will, love, cooperation and the positive attitude of all people the world over with a volunteering spirit although these are very few in this current generation and besides they are only born but not made. Sincerely thanks to whoever has ever extended charity aid to the needy. Your role is indeed remarkable!!!

We Bucalpo founders don’t have much but our happiness lies in sharing the little we earn with our needy Bucalpo children. Therefore we do believe that together with you our dear volunteers, we can transform and impact the lives of the African children with in our communities and even those beyond borders.



In trying to implement Bucalpo set aims and objectives especially that of providing basic pre-primary education at Destiny school project site, we have encountered various challenges as explained below:


Lack of Dormitories:

We lack accommodation facilities for our boarding Bucalpo beneficiaries. Here, priority is now given to only very distant pupils who cannot walk long distances to school and have not been attending school yet they are already of school going age


It would have been suitable to all our spotted O.V.Cs to be housed at school. Some community members have offered to come on board and accommodate some children tentatively as we wait to build school dormitories. However, this is still tricky and challenging because the House where they leave and we use extra rooms to accommodate our children. is also leaking yet the offered available Bucalpo children for the facility.


Plans are under way to put up Dormitories if given a hand. In this, we have started a brick laying project at school so as to avail a good number of brick to that effect. Our target is to have two spacious room s with intact single small rooms for the matron and Boy warden respectively. These two dormitories are intended to accommodate an average number of 80 pupils each.     


Shortage of permanent classrooms:

Destiny school project lacks permanent classrooms! Besides the available semi-permanent wooden structures are inadequate as per the available pupils and classes yet they are not decently roofed. This disrupts teaching during heavy rain pours due to leakages.


Shortage of Electric power:

We tried to mobilize resources and built five (5) apartments for our staff members though they are not yet furnished! These apartment lack electricity yet the school also needs power for smooth running of all its activities. Black outs at the Teachers apartment affect them greatly when it comes to organizing to teach the next day. If power is extended to the site, It will enhance night lessons and it will be an incentive to motivate teachers to carry out academic preparations, conduct night and early morning lessons for upper primary and above all , power will facilitate internal examination processing . The advantage we stand is that we just need one electric pole to connect to the Destiny school project site.


Shortage of water:

Truly water is life. Many things are done using water as a solvent and it counts a lot to every one’s good health. The nearby water supply source helping us here at Destiny school project is about  2 ¼ kilometers from the school premises. This makes it difficult to access adequate amount of water for daily consumption especially during the dry season.


It is therefore ideal to have at least a bore hole at the station, so as to relieve children from the burden of walking long distance for water which at the same time interferes with their useful study time.



It apparent some of our children are charged some little money (32,000shs) thirty two thousand Uganda shillings per term and this is a very low consolidate figure which Bucalpo subsidizes so as to offer average meals to pupils, process and administer  examination and provide medical care to the sick children in case of any falling sick.


Meeting all those obligations needs maximum commitment, love and dedication because its quite challenging given the alarming food prices and the high cost of living in the country generally.


Low teacher’s salaries :

Due to the fact that the meager income generated from fees collection is just used probably to feed Bucalpo pupils yet always enough even considering the fact that some are exempted, others pay half and friendly to the poverty stricken community parent s.

This depends on the varying level of vulnerability.

Teacher’s salaries from the time of Destiny school project’s commencement have been always obtained by Directors sacrificing their own salaries to pay the little salaries being earned by our Teachers monthly.


We have currently six teachers who are committed and devoted to their work, With each earning 90,000shs Ninety thousand Uganda shillings monthly with exceptional of the holiday month . This means that we pay for only three months in a school term instead of four months. Sincerely this pay is very low still and its always hurting and straining to miss a monthly pay during holidays but the prevailing circumstances and the financial stand of our organization make it rather hard for us to increase Teacher’s salaries and even pay them through out the year to boost  their morale and we fare a little more.  


School library:

The school lacks a library which suits the modern national Education curriculum  requirements. However, this is costly because it requires a special room with designed shelves together with a stock of desired books.


Lack of an Administration Block:


As an infant institution, Destiny school project is lacking a tangible block to serve as an administration structure bearing all formal offices, That is; staffroom, Head teacher’s office, Principal’s office among others. This leads to effective administration and close supervision of activities if fully available in place. The absence of one makes it challenging in a way that teachers now take their break teas and lunch under a tree shade. Tragedy is witnessed when it rains during such moments! The administration block if acquired in future will be relevant in as far as documentation and record keeping are concerned, besides, it will avail a formal shelter for teachers and office bearers during resting periods of the day.



We intend to do the following in future given God’s mercy and blessings on our hands .In collaboration with the efforts and good will of our beloved dear volunteers.

  • We yearn to have a school van since its one of the recent trends in the school education system today .The school van will be very vital in picking our foreign volunteers from Entebbe Airport to and from, It will also soften movement when visiting the desired tourist sites with in the country for both volunteer visitors at Destiny school project and Bucalpo children.


  • This generation is championed by those who are computer literate. Therefore we expect to create a mega computer laboratory so as to transform all interested community members computer literates especially those who dropped out of school due to change in the lives of Bucalpo children by transforming them to be all “Dot com children”.


  • We also intend to start an animal farm specializing in Goat rearing. Luckily enough land for this noble cause was already bought though a bit far in Koome Island but due to scarcity of water here for the animals, it was compelling to seek for land that stretches down to the lake swamp for easy water supply to the animals.  

About BUCALPO Uganda  
  The Children Advocacy and Life planning Organization was started as an initiative to empower children and youth and women in this village who have been traumatized by the lack of enough education. Children in this…

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