I Believe God Ministries, Int'l

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About Us

The I Believe God Ministries is a Non-profit International Organization. This outreach ministry is committed not only to spreading God's word but dedicated to showing the love and kindness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is also our desire to take the Gospel to a hurting world. Our main objective is to reach the lost at any cost. Those lost to the light that Jesus gives, disappearing in a society where they feel that no one really cares.

We wish to bring HOPE in the midst of despair, PEACE in times of confusion, to show that JOY can conquer sorrow, and that LOVE is present in lonely times. Love being an action word, lets us know that love is in our deeds to each other. Positive self-love is the foundation of fulfillment. Without it, we cannot grow, glow or exercise our power.

The use of the Internet presents an opportunity for us to encourage and enrich lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ in a new and powerful way. I hope that you will enjoy the site, visit us often, share this information with your family and friends and use it to glorify our Father. May it also be a portal to connect with other Christians and increase fellowship for those who are near and far.

Pray about becoming a Covenant Partner with our Fellowship and allow God to use your life in Kingdom Building with us through our various ministries, programs, community and world wide outreach efforts.

Thank You and May You be blessed with continued Good Health, Long Life, Happiness and Good Success.