Haileybury Youth Trust

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About Us

As an NGO based in Jinja in Eastern Uganda, Haileybury Youth Trust promotes a sustainable building material, the Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) through skills training with local Ugandans. ISSB represents a low cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional fired clay brick as it is formed of compressed soil which is cured in the sun rather than baked in a wood hungry kiln. 

HYT has been working to further this technology in Uganda since 2006 and has, over this time, trained some 50 men in construction practice with specific ISSB skills central to its training programme. 

In recent years HYT has employed graduates of this training scheme as part of a social enterprise. This approach has enabled up to 50 graduates to be employed on a daily basis within the eastern region, all funded by partner organisations.

The Trust is managed in Uganda by a British Country Manager, Marcus Farnfield, who recently graduated from Bristol University with a Master’s degree in Chemistry. The sole expatriate in the organisation, Marcus is primarily responsible for communication with partners, both current and prospective, managing current projects and reporting back to HYT’s UK Director.