Lowell Collegiate Charter School

  • MA


1857 Middlesex Street
United States

About Us

In our increasingly competitive world, a solid education gives students a wider choice and brighter prospects for the future. At LCCS we strive to prepare students for a future of continuous learning. Through the SABIS® Educational System, LCCS students will develop a solid college prepapartory foundation of knowledge that will give them an edge in facing life's challenges.

At LCCS, we believe that…

  • All students should be prepared for a life of continuous learning.
  • All students should be helped to realize their full potential, empowering them to make informed decisions in life.
  • All students should grow in confidence and self-esteem; the maximum possible “value” should be added to all aspects of each student’s education.
  • All students should be encouraged to become well rounded citizens, who contribute positively to their communities.