Community Outreach Program at LÊP Charter High School

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2044 E Burnside St
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About Us

LÊP High is an urban, public charter school in Portland, Oregon with a leadership and entrepreneurship focus. We are guided by the belief that education is the great equalizer in this nation and access to quality educational opportunities for all students regardless of race, income, or particular circumstance is vital to our community.

Key Characteristics of LÊP High:

-A diverse student body that is engaged as active partners in their education

-A cohesive and supportive community of professional educators characterized by continuous learning, experimentation and reflection

-An extended school day and academic year with a daily tutorial for intensive academic support; an innovative Night School program for students who cannot attend during the day or who need to make-up credits for graduation.

LÊP High Mission:

LÊP High seeks to empower students and enrich our community through active and meaningful study of leadership and entrepreneurship. We believe that every student deserves a college-prep curriculum with extensive academic support to help every student achieve excellence. At LÊP High, students of diverse abilities, experiences, and backgrounds are engaged in rigorous, project-based, interdisciplinary classes within a personalized school setting.