Reef Conservation International

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About Us

The ReefCI trip gives the general diver a unique opportunity to learn about the marine environment and to help conserve this precious resource. Both experienced and non experienced divers are welcomed, scientists and non scientists alike, everyone makes a contribution regardless of their background or experience. And dont worry if you are a novice diver, lots of people come and learn with us in the calm clear waters of the Caribbean!

We only take small groups which means we can focus on individual diving skills and doing 3 dives a day means not only will you learn alot about the marine environment you will also leave us a much better diver.

You can get hands on involved with lobster and conch monitoring, removing the invasive lionfish, commercial fish surveys, coral watch and reef check and at certain time of the year turtle and whale shark monitoring.

Our mission statement is to conserve the marine environment, to support local communities, give our guests a unique experience whilst obtaining resources to operate.