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About Us

Our Mission: Strengthen the cyber security posture of critical energy infrastructures.

The Energy Sector Security Consortium, Inc. (EnergySec) is a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to support organizations within the energy sector in securing their critical technology infrastructures. We support collaborative programs and projects that improve the cyber security posture of these organizations.

The foundation of EnergySec was established over a decade ago as relationships formed between a group of information security, physical security, disaster recovery and business continuity professionals from energy organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Initially, a small group met for lunch to discuss the security challenges they were all facing. The idea was simple, share common security practices for the purpose of learning from each other. As news spread about the lunch meetings, more people wanted to join and it quickly outgrew the informal setting. EnergySec Northwest, better known as E-Sec NW, was formed in early 2004. An online forum and quarterly meetings were established to give security professionals more time together and better ways to share information with each other.

In 2005, E-Sec NW hosted its first annual summit. The two-day event was a success from the beginning. There was no other meeting of its kind being held at the time. The summit promoted open and honest dialog, creative ideas, and collaborative solutions designed to benefit as many as possible. The summit especially appealed to the “boots on the ground” security practitioners who, prior to this time, had found themselves isolated at their respective organizations.

Over the next several years, E-SEC NW built an independent and trusted model for sharing information about security in the energy sector. It grew organically through word-of-mouth like many grass roots organizations. Along the way, ESEC-NW was receiving broad praise for the quality of its programs. It was nationally recognized by the SANS Institute, who bestowed the prestigious National Cyber Security Leadership award on the organization in 2007. This award honors persons who significantly improve the effectiveness of the nation’s cyber security. It is the most prestigious of all SANS cyber security awards because it recognizes transformational changes that have a sweeping impact on a range of public and private sector entities.

As interest continued to grow across North America the “northwest” was dropped from the name to embrace the burgeoning role as a national information sharing organization for the energy sector. Attendance at the annual summit continued to grow every year and new relationships developed with product and service vendors, government agencies and academic institutions. EnergySec formed a corporation in 2008 and received its non-profit 501(c)(3) designation in 2009.